Mechanical and

Nondestructive and
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Materials Engineering & Testing Corporation (ME&T) provides a wide variety of technical services.  Our specialties are: chemistry of metals/alloys; chemistry of reactor control-rod materials; metallography/ceramatography; failure analyses; mechanical testing; and non-destructive testing.  Our sister company, Materials Fabrication and Testing Services (MF&TS), offers a full line of fabrication services.


For 35+ years, our staff has provided customers with data that meets or exceeds their requirements. ME&T meets the requirements of 17025:2005, 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1.  


Our metallurgists, materials engineers, chemists, inspectors, engineers, and certified technicians use computerized, state of the art equipment/instrumentation to evaluate your samples.



(Click here to download Certificate of Accreditation)

Testing Accreditation# 59214
Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Materials Engineering & Testing Corporation
125 Valley Court,
Oak Ridge, TN. 37830

(865) 482-7762
Fax (865) 483-6995




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